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Train and Develop Your Team

A Proven Leader, Faculty Member on The John Maxwell Team, Thought Provoking Challenger of the Status Quo

Leadership and Team Development

Wondering why your company or team is not hitting the targets that have been set?I help leaders become a leader others will follow by raising the bar on leadership, communication, teamwork and service excellence.Whether in facilitated group training, speaking or one on one coaching of C-Suite executives down to the director level of leadership I use tools and years of experience to help leaders increase influence and impact effectiveness.

High-Performance Coaching

"When we started this process, I had fears and challenges to overcome.  You have helped me to confront my fears and address those challenges.  You are very perceptive and an excellent listener and are able to focus on specific areas for me to grow in.  The action plan and goals we developed were designed especially for me and that is the reason why it was successful.  The materials you selected for me to use where at the right level for my understanding.  This quality of this tool assisted me in comprehension and putting words into practice."  ~ Healthcare Leader

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High Impact Speaking

"Looking to revamp an event we had for area leaders and their involvement with non-profits, I came across Mike Harbour.  After doing my research and listening to a few of his presentations online, I asked him to speak at our CEO Leadership Breakfast for the American Heart Association.  He absolutely did not disappoint.  Mike has an incredible gift for reaching his audience, keeping them tuned in and truly driving the message in an engaging format.  His knowledge and passion on the importance of great leadership in companies and his ability to inspire those in attendance is no less than outstanding.  He not only empowered them to take charge of the health of their employees, but with what seemed to be flawless planning, tied the other two speakers messages in perfectly to his own, getting the exact points across I had hope for."  ~Director of Heart Association


Living On Purpose Personal Growth Community

Where do you start with Living on Purpose?

Isn't it time for you to create a life on purpose? In our community people are challenging the status quo and creating health, wealth and freedom, they are dreaming big, living boldly, and achieving big things. 

People are made for community, but somewhere it has been lost, but now you can be encouraged to unlock your gifts and potential and add the Living On Purpose Community to your life. 

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Unlock your full potential as a leader and take your team and organization to the next level of performance


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The High-Achievers Tool You Must Have to Stay Ahead