3 Keys to Creating 2020 Vision

 3 Keys to Creating 2020 Vision

 Setting goals is one thing. Attaining them is a different story. And vision is a defining factor.

There is a principle: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Vision is so important; it can actually be life-sustaining.  How can you have this kind of life-sustaining vision?

 Here are three keys:

 Have a CLEAR Vision

Having only a vague idea of where you want to go is like taking off in heavy fog in an unfamiliar area. The trip will take longer, add unnecessary risk, and cost more. It can be a dangerous thing to wander through life with no clear vision. Zig Ziglar cautioned against being a “wandering generality”.

 I was traveling once on a highway going north. There was a mountain range dividing the north and south sections of the highway and a tunnel is traveled through in the mountain. I was obeying the 85 mile an hour speed limit as it was a clear night. As I exited the tunnel on the north side it was no longer clear, but so foggy and I couldn’t see the road. I knew there was a curve and cliff with no barrier quickly approaching. I feared for my safety for a split second as I slammed the breaks hard to slow down quickly. I was unclear as to where to turn and with the fog I had to slow down quickly.

 You must “see” yourself reaching that goal, holding that diploma, getting the position that fits you perfectly, moving into your dream house, crossing the finish line of that marathon, reaching the masses. Athletes will tell you that training your mind to see yourself reaching the goal is just as important to winning as the physical training.

 Have a DETAILED Vision

See your goal in vivid detail. Write it down. Create a vision board. Post it in a place where you will see it several times a day every day.

 There was a couple whose dream was to travel. They took a map and placed themselves on the map, standing in front of their dream RV. They marked the route they would take. At the time they did this, the husband was unemployed, and the wife was working for a company that had filed bankruptcy. By all accounts, it seemed to be an impossible dream. But every day, they saw the picture - and every day, they took a step toward that dream.

 Two years later, they found themselves traveling in an RV just like the one in the picture, driving the same route they had marked on the map. They “saw” the vision of being full-time RVers, and they found themselves living it. 

 We all need a map or GPS or compass sometimes to help us travel. Grab a copy of my Daily Compass Tool to help you navigate each day and achieve big things.  

 Have a COMPELLING Vision

Your vision must be strong enough to make you reach higher than you thought possible. Otherwise, it is just “existence”. It must be strong enough to push you out of your comfort zone and appealing enough to pull you through the obstacles.

We all face challenges in our life and leadership of others. It is often these challenges preventing us form taking the next right step or having the hard conversation or pushing through the resistance.

 Our vision is the guiding light that draws us up out of our fear, doubt and anger at times and pulls us forward into our greatness.

 How is YOUR vision?


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