Do Distractions Determine Your Direction?


“Good leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” ~ Jack Welch 

We live in a world of distractions – internet, email, phone calls, Zoom, voicemail, television, radio, social media, advertising, and many other avenues that, if not managed well, will distract us into oblivion. Compound that with the fact that, in the world today, change is a constant. Every year, it increases in speed and frequency.

There has never been a more vital time in history than now to stay focused on your vision and clearly communicate your vision to your team.

Most leaders begin their days checking emails, to-do lists, and voicemails, letting those distractions determine their direction for each day. The most effective leaders, however, are intentional about the activity occupying space in their daily schedule.

Picture your most effective day or week. What would you be doing?

Are you doing that now, or are you allowing others to dictate your schedule? Or worse, are you allowing yourself to be controlled by a device?

Most leaders I work with tell me they do not have any more time on their calendars, and I agree. However, if you will learn to manage your schedule, everything you do in alignment with your vision will be more productive than 90% of everyone in the world. 

If you do not relentlessly drive toward your vision, you will never arrive at your destination, and neither will your team.

High-performance leaders buck the status quo and do not buy in to being reactive leaders. To get what they want, they go out and create it. You will not find them waiting for others to act or reacting to the demands of others – they will be taking action. They do not allow their destination to be determined by the economy or any other factors. And they don’t place blame…they take responsibility.

Like a compass, your vision provides guidance for the team and ensures victory. And you, as the leader, are responsible for ensuring that everyone stays the course. Your schedule must be filled with vision casting and vision producing activity, or you will just get what the world throws your way. And those distractions will determine your direction.

Is that really what you want?


LeadUp Exercise

Think of a leader you admire, whose vision has continued after their departure.

What did this leader do well?

What did they leave behind?

How can you emulate their leadership style?

Are you fully committed to living out your vision?

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