High Achievers Do This Daily

Have you ever visualized your future? The greatest achievers, especially in the sports arena visualize hitting the great shot, making the fantastic catch, or scoring the winning touchdown every day.

When people are asked to visualize their success, it tends to be something fairly generic. It’s usually them owning something expensive, like a new car or a nice house. This certainly is a part of success, but it’s far from the full picture. 

As of right now, your life likely doesn’t revolve entirely around what car you’re driving or what house you’re living in, but rather it has many moving parts and things that you do every single day. 

When you work to visualize your success, you need to have a more complete picture of your life that you want to work towards. There’s so much more to life after success than just expensive material items. 

It might be your relationships, your mental state, your daily routine, and your job that all improve and change with success, and you need to be clear about your ideal vision of success in all facets of life. 

If you’re looking to think beyond the typical visualization process, you might want to start with your energy levels. Right now, you might be stressed out about money, work, leading others, and creating better performance from those you lead, and all kinds of things. 

While being successful as a leader or other areas of your life doesn’t mean you won’t have stressful times, it does mean that there are certain things that you won’t have to worry about. With a lack of stress in your life, you will have much more energy than you would have had before. 

I am a huge believer in energy creation versus allowing energy leaks. If you allow things to suck energy from your day you will not be fully equipped to push through and achieve the goals, you have. Think of a world-class swimmer like Michael Phelps. He spent countless hours perfecting his stroke in the pool to allow for maximum energy usage in the race. 

Another thing to consider that will change is your daily routine. Right now, you have hundreds of things that you need to do each day in order to keep yourself sustained, but when you’re more successful, you’ll probably have less maintenance to do with yourself and may even be able to hire other people to assist you with it. The real secret to success is found in your daily agenda. 

You should try using The Daily Compass Quarterly Planner. This planner helps you to prioritize your daily goals and get those things accomplished so that you focus on what moves you forward to achieving your long-term goals. 

This ends up going in hand with stress and energy levels. Take the time to really write out all of the things that you would like to change in your life for the better. Then break them down into steps on how to reach them. 

From personal experience I can assure you, when I lack focus and when I do not have a clear vision for my daily activity, I will get nothing done and feel more stressed and tired when the day is over. This is where energy leakage occurs unless I start the day right. 

Every day I begin with a purpose statement for my day, with writing down my 3 biggest goals for the day and then I take action in that direction. But I must first begin with the end in mind. The mental image of what I want to accomplish comes first and then the result happens more easily and rapidly. 

Whatever your goals it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to blame you if you want an easier, higher-paying job. However, it’s important to have a clear vision so that you really know what you’re working towards. If you just have a limited view of your goal, you’re going to end up lost along the way. With a clear mindset and a good idea of where you want to be, you’re going to have a much better time accomplishing your goals.

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