Legacy Is What Outlives You

Where do you want your passion to take you in life?

Legacy is not leaving something for people. It’s leaving something in people. —Peter Strople

I have often said, “Leadership is not only what happens while you are here; it is also what happens after you are gone.”

When I reflect on this thought, I am reminded of my grandmother. She was a great leader in our family, and when she left in 1998, there was a great void in my life. She is the one person who still inspires me to be a better man, husband, father, and leader. I talk about her frequently to my kids and only wish they would have met her.

I am sure you have someone in your life, too, who reminds you to be better. You are thinking of them right now. The reason you remember them and think of them is because…

Their legacy has outlived them.

Will your legacy outlive you?

When we talk about passion, we need to know it is contagious. As your passion grows over time, people will want to join the party. Make sure you invite them in. When they catch what you have, they will be a multiplier of your passion and legacy.

Passion provides the catalyst for a legacy. Passion ignites legacy.

What is your dream? When you leave this place we call home, how many people you led or how much money you made, or how big a company you grew will not matter.

What will matter is the legacy that outlives you.

This can only happen when the right values and passion are connected to a cause greater than you.

Life and leadership’s fulfillment emanates from passion. In the course of leading a purposeful life, you will be challenged. You will be tempted to sell out for something less. Don’t settle.

Keep your passion alive. Keep it lit, and live and lead fully ignited.

How have you been tempted to give up?

What are you doing to keep a burning fire under your passion?

Is your passion contagious?

Do you have people on your team helping you live higher and multiply?


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