Now is the Time to Create a New Belief

What does the quote mean to you?

“We either believe we can, or we can’t, either way we are right.” ~ Henry Ford

We are facing challenging times in our world right now, and almost everything about our way of life, both personally and professionally has changed at least for now.

Growing up, I used to hear, as I am sure you did, “You can be anything in life you want to be if you just put your mind to it.”

If this is true, then why do most people end up so dissatisfied in life?

Research shares with us that 70% or more of people in America are unhappy. WOW!

Why are we unhappy?

This study went on to blame this unhappiness on others… or at least that was my take anyway. It said the reason people are unhappy is the expectation in America for growth and having more. It also stated that most people in America just “keep up” and therefore become unhappy because they cannot meet those expectations.

The new situation we find ourselves in has shined even more light on these expectations. We are expected to work long hours, be at the office to be productive, and many other things, yet here we are not able to “keep up” those expectations.

What will our work-life return to when things return to the new normal? Will we go back to the same focus on working harder and having more?

Let me just say this: we have enough in America. You and I have enough. So, quit focusing on having more.

Instead, I want to challenge you to start trying to BE more!

Yes, I know I just put more expectation on you, didn’t I?

Here is why I did it. I believe in order for you to have all you want in life and in your leadership roles as mom or dad, spouse, boss, CEO, VP, lay leader, community leader, and all the other roles I could list, you have to BE more.

Being more is a mindset.

Having more is wandering aimlessly through life, doing what other people do, and ending up where they end up… you know, the 70%. 

‘Being more is a mindset required to set you apart from the unhappy.’ 

Now is our time of slowing down and quarantining, we can spend time learning to BE more as a leader, spouse, communicator, or the many other areas we have been saying we should grow but haven’t.

I believe what Ford was saying in his quote is that no matter what you want in life, it begins with belief, belief in yourself and belief in a new mindset.

As a leader, you can have more influence. “Leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less.” However, in leadership, you can’t just want more influence; you have to BE more of a leader in your own life in order to grow into the leader who can have more influence in the lives of others.

In all the work I do, I ask everyone I train to raise their hand if they would like to have more influence in their leadership. I have witnessed no less than every hand in the room go up when I ask this question, in every room I have been in and teaching.

Then I ask the question, “How many of you who want it believe you can have it?”

There are not as many hands raised.

Your influence with others begins with a belief in yourself and a belief in your ability to grow and become more of an influential leader in the lives of others. You either believe you can, or you can’t, and either way, you are right.

As you reflect over the last 12 months, have you become more influential?

Has your ability to lead and influence others grown?

Have you been able to raise the lid on your ability in the last 12 months?

Or was being more influential a dream you had 12 months ago, but you simply have not done anything differently, and now you think it is not possible?

What I know for sure from my own experience and in coaching others, having more begins with Being more not working harder or trying to do things others are doing. Focus now on Being a better leader, person, communicator, or any other things you want to be, and do not worry what others have or even what they think of you, just be you!!

You either believe you can, or you cannot, and either way, you are right.

 Lead Up Exercise:

Write down what you want to be different about your leadership of yourself and others 12 months from today.

How will your leadership of yourself, others, and your team be different 12 months from today?

What is your growth plan to make this happen?

“Leadership doesn’t happen in a day, it happens daily.” - John Maxwell in the “Law of Process”

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