The 5 Master Keys to Success

5 Steps to Clarity: The Master Key to Success

We all dream of more success. Not one leader I spend time with lacks the desire for more success in some area of their leadership and goal achievement. The desire for success is wired into us like a beacon calling out or name. I guess that is what makes us a leader. This desire to make things better and achieve more for ourselves and our companies.

So, why are we so discontent? Why do we lack the success we are seeking? Why are we always seeking “our” more?

A few years ago, Diana Nyad completed a swim from Cuba to Florida. I am sure you heard a little about the story. If not, here is a link to the story:

This accomplishment took Diana several attempts. She had tried to complete this journey six times and failed to finish.

But she did not give up. She kept on pushing herself; she was clear on the goal and was determined not to be discouraged or distracted. During her many attempts, she had people around her and in the rest of the world saying she had tried enough and should quit, and even after finally achieving this goal her accomplishment is coming into question.

What Diana Nyad had was clarity of purpose and vision. She was not going to be discouraged from her goals.

There are five keys we can learn from Diana.

She was CLEAR.

Clarity of vision and purpose is the master key to success. When we are able to focus on the goal like a laser, there is nothing and no one who can stop us. Make sure you know what you want, and it is clear in your mind and written down.

Life On Purpose Playbook was established and focused on like a laser. Once Diana had clarity of purpose, she had to begin to live it out. I am sure she had to place boundaries around her life, her relationships, and the voices she listened to, or she might have been persuaded to stop. This playbook is a way of keeping yourself on track and measuring your goals. Do you have a playbook?

Energy and expectations were defined and worked on in her physical, spiritual and mental realm. She had to ready all phases of her mind, body, and spirit to complete this final journey. What energy do you need to put into your different areas of fitness?

Action steps to accomplish the goal were available and practiced. Diana did not just decide one day to jump in the water and swim for two days straight. She had to practice and get herself ready, and that took great discipline on a daily basis for years. She had a daily plan and followed it. Grab my High-Achievers Tool at

Routines of preparation and diet and exercise were followed. Bad habits had to be replaced with good habits. Diana had to do the little things every single day, and as she did, she experienced the compound effects of building good habits one on another, day after day, in her life.

As a leader, are you CLEAR? Have you established a purpose for your life and your leadership? Or do you let the waves of life and criticism knock you off track?

Are you clear enough, intent enough, and determined enough to do the one thing that could very well be the defining point of your whole life?




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