The Biggest Motivator

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything.” ~Napoleon Hill


A lot of folks like the show The Biggest Loser. Here you have people who have lost their way physically and who are very often in dangerous physical condition with seemingly no way out. But they have one thing going for them – DESIRE. They DESIRE to be healthy. They DESIRE to make a change. They DESIRE to be able to run and play with their kids. They don’t know how to make it happen – it seems overwhelming – but they want it badly.

For the few who dare to take that first step, DESIRE meets OPPORTUNITY. Now that opportunity comes with a whole lot of WORK on their part. There is no magic pill that will immediately take them from where they are to where they want to be. But if they want it badly enough, there is a way. And they’re smart enough to know they’re going to need a strong SUPPORT system as well.

When DESIRE takes a FIRST STEP, it approaches OPPORTUNITY. And when hard WORK and FAITH are applied, and a strong SUPPORT system is in place, things start to happen…amazing things.

Desire is a huge motivator. Let’s face it, if you really want something – I mean, REALLY want it, you will find a way to get it. If you’ve ever been between me and a Snickers bar when I’m hungry, you know what that looks like. Caution: NEVER come between me and a Snickers bar!

So here’s the question: What do YOU desire? Some people desire to fly a helicopter; others desire to write a book. Maybe you desire to start a business or find a new career. Maybe you desire to travel. Your desires are unique to you. Paying close attention to them reveals a great deal about who you are.

I challenge you to take some time this week and really define something you desire – something very compelling. It may seem insurmountable as with some of The Biggest Loser contestants. But don’t let that stop you. Hold onto that desire and do this one thing: TAKE ONE STEP. Just one.

I know someone who wanted to work from home and live in Florida. So one wintry day in February, she took ONE LITTLE STEP – she decided not to work through lunch and instead went to her car to eat lunch in solitude. She turned on the radio to Dave Ramsey’s show. That started her on an unbelievable journey that led to her living in Florida and running a successful business from home. Each day, she enjoys serving business owners like me as an online business manager. And it all began with just ONE LITTLE STEP.

What is YOUR first step? Is it reaching out to someone, reading a book, taking a class? What is ONE step you can take today to start YOUR journey to your God-given desire?

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