The EASY Test

“Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life.
Failure comes when we shrink from them.”
John C. Maxwell

Have you ever gotten a little weary in the rat race of life and wondered, “Where’s that EASY button?” At what point do you get to rest on your laurels? Though there are times in life when you have to slow the pace a bit to restore your energy, you can’t just get off the path completely and sit on the sidelines.

The fact is, what got us to where we are will not get us where we want to go. In other words, we must be continually growing and improving, learning…and tweaking according to what we have learned. To do otherwise would be like riding a horse on the interstate. In the best-case scenario, you’ll just get left behind; in the worst-case scenario, you’ll get run over.

So how do you create patterns of success on a continuing basis? Let’s apply the EASY test.

Examine what went right and what went wrong. Continue the right and right the wrongs. All the great leaders I’ve known practice this regularly.

Always be learning. Read, study, talk to people. Leaders are learners.

Stay the course. Every one of us has those times when we are tempted to quit. Very often, leaders are simply those who refuse to quit.

Yearn for excellence. You may not hit the mark every time, but the more you aim for it, the closer you get.

I challenge you this week (and myself as well) to take the EASY test to see if you are on the track for continuing success. Are you improving based on examination of past performance? Have you read any books lately to help you grow? Are you determined to stay the course? Are you striving for excellence in all you do?

Success is a pattern of EASY. How would your life and work be different if you simply follow the pattern?

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