Will this make or break you?

After a long run or a hard workout, it is the best time to stretch while your muscles are warm. You have been on a long run, now is the time to stretch.  

This is not a report of the current situation, so bear with me.

We are right in the middle of the global pandemic of the Coronavirus. All the experts are telling us about it every day, moment by moment. We are truly getting a play by play!

Every new positive test has become the new sports report since all sporting events around the globe have been postponed.

You will become what you think about most of the time. Worried if you only listen to the play by play.

Life has been shut off for most people around the world.

But, has it really? Has your life really been shut off? Or is this a chance to reset some priorities, relationships or dreams in your life?

People are at home out of sheer force right now and maybe many or most of them are hating this new daily routine. In America, especially we have become such a go, go, go society that many have forgotten how to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

I am an entrepreneur, and I have had a home office for 5 or so years now due to the travel I do with my consulting practice, but this being home is nothing new to me. Sure, my travels have been postponed for now and only temporarily, but I am enjoying this time.

My son is home from college, which does disappoint a little because he should be enjoying his freshman year and playing golf and competing, but it is so good to have him home because we are buddies and enjoy our time together. We have worked out everyday the last four days in our home gym, (I was trying to sell my home gym literally 2 weeks ago) and we are taking care of our body and having great mental and spiritual conversations while we work out.

Another reason I am enjoying this time is because as a family, we have had some great discussions and recast some vision for our family. We have discussed how we will lead and treat each other and others through this time in history.

We have always been a close family and have had our family mission and values on the wall forever, but it has given us a chance to revisit who we are and what we believe, since like most people we had wandered from those things a little bit. Nope, we aren’t a perfect family, but we are a great family. My wife and I have led well and have always had a common goal and this time has allowed us to talk about that even more with our now very mature teenagers and they get it and it doesn’t feel weird to them.

Also, I am focusing on my business even more. As an entrepreneur, I certainly have risk at this moment, but we all do, and we are all in this together this time, it is not my fight alone. It is not your fight alone either.

I have been able to really evaluate some goals in my business. I have begun to shift to a more aggressive online academy that I have been talking about for years, but only dabbled in its production. I am almost fully launched as of March 25th with over 20 hours of leadership, personal growth and mindset content.

God has been good in providing the gift I have to teach others and help others through this crisis.

I am no better than you, but this is not my first crisis. I grew up in crisis. My childhood was a constant crisis of abuse, dysfunction and too many things to share in a post like this, but it was that childhood that prepared me for this and the many other crisis I have faced in my life.

I have served in the military, my wife and I have lost an unborn child, my first born had 4 surgeries, the first year of life… that was 12 months of ups and downs.

Here is what I know, this crisis is not going to stop you or me… UNLESS we let it.

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”  ― Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

I heard this message above many years ago and it started me on my own growth journey, and by the grace of God, I have transformed my life and changed the trajectory of my family and their future. I am impacting 1000s of lives with my messages of hope and leadership because I learned not to just take the hand life dealt to me, but to ask for a re-deal.

I have reshuffled the cards 100s of times in my life and questioned my thinking and conditioning by not listening to the voices of sensationalism, but the voices of reason and reality.

My life has been forever changed because of the coaching, mentoring and advice I have received from so many others I CHOSE to surround myself with during my darkest days.

These dark days will too pass, but the real question is, will you be changed for the better, or will you come out the same?

Choose to read great books during this down time. Choose to watch and listen to great messages of hope during this time. Choose to grow as a leader. Choose to improve your mindset, spiritual walk and levels of fitness. Choose to grow closer to your family and choose to appreciate those you work with even more since you can’t see them on a daily basis now.

If I can help you let me know. I have online resources to help during time like this at or I have one on one coaching to serve you and help you grow new wings  as this things shifts us into new times.

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