Why Comfort is Killing You!

In the dictionary, comfort is defined as a sense of physical or psychological ease and a lack of hardship, while uncomfortable are people lacking in comfort.  I disagree!  I am hung up on the word “lacking”.  I think people who are comfortable are lacking.  Let me explain. 

When you go along in life and stay within the lines, always on the safe side of the street, not taking risks, and staying under the radar, you think you are comfortable.  You don’t ruffle feathers, you don’t cause problems, you avoid drama… Ha!

That is not the life I want to live. Not that I desire to ruffle feathers and be that obnoxious guy no one wants around. Far from it.  I want to be the person that takes the risks, that lives in that uncomfortable zone because that is where I am growing – taking life by the horns.  Experiencing new things.  Having new adventures. Dreaming big dreams and better yet, live the life I desire. 

Comfort is a place where boredom sets in. I have been in this place before myself.  I define comfort as eating TV dinners in front of the television night after night with nothing worthwhile to say to my spouse while my kids are glued to their smartphones getting dumber and numb(er) because life is BORING! And Comfort is where I think those people live that are afraid of going for the big promotion because they live in fear that they aren’t good enough. 

I used to dream of doing what I do today. Speaking to people about leadership and personal growth, training and coaching others to release their own shackles and live and lead on purpose. But, there was a time I didn't feel like had what it took or I wasn't good enough yet. 

Good enough. Ha!  I don’t subscribe to that philosophy anymore.  We are all good enough.  In fact, we are better than good enough.  Good enough is not an option with me.  Did I always think this way? No.  I lived in comfort until one day a mentor challenged me.  I didn’t know he was my mentor at the time.  He was just my friend and he pushed me to dream bigger dreams. He pushed me to want more out of life. To go after the bigger goals and aspirations. 

Today I have physical and psychological ease because I am reaching for the stars and I am going to do whatever it takes to get there!  My mentors have pushed me and changed my thinking –I have been taught – even though you don’t believe it now, trust in my belief in you. That was motivation enough for me – I trusted in a mentor's belief that I could, and wow did has it changed my life.  My mentor got me out from in front of that television and off the couch to living life on purpose!  And the best part is now I am mentoring others to achieve their dreams.  Comfort is not my goal – I’ll take uncomfortable any day!

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