Do you want to Influence Others? Get Better at this.

It is no secret if you just pay attention, we have a communication problem in the world. There is communication about policy, politics, the pandemic, the vaccine, this president, and that one and all the other messages you are hearing on a daily basis.

The real problem is a miscommunication problem.

The number one skill any leader can and should develop is the ability to communicate. Whether by email, text, written, or public speaking, your words, and your message matter.

In the last two weeks, I have recorded podcasts to address this skill. You can listen to The Lead Up Podcast.

My goal with this post is to help you with your public speaking skill development. I never want to leave someone where they are, so I believe these tips will...

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5 Ways to Create a Better Flow of Communication

Let’s be honest with each other for a moment. We have a communication crisis in the world today. The lack of trust is at an epidemic high. No one trusts anyone anymore. Even if the information is 100% accurate it is questioned by everyone else, and people feel if there is a motive behind the truth. 

Poor communication can have a devastating impact on any workplace environment. Not only does it derail productivity, frustrate employees, and damage morale, but it also takes a massive bite out of your bottom line. 

I have seen poor communication destroy the careers of leaders and cultures of great progressing organizations.

Communication is truly the number one challenge in every team, company, and organization today.


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10 Tools for Unwavering Disciplined Communication

“When we view our path with clarity, we move with accelerated purpose and intent. We go forward with a full and committed heart.” ― Kevin Hall

What is the greatest tool you have as a leader? Every leader has this tool in their box, but not every leader has the skill to use the tool effectively, if at all. Notice I said tool and not skill.

Suppose you had a paintbrush and wanted to paint a beautiful piece like the Sistine Chapel. Could you do it? Maybe you could, but I am no artist so, no one would rave about my art. Just because I have the tool or paintbrush, doesn’t make me an artist. And just because I have the tools of leadership, it doesn’t make me a leader. Having the tool and having the skill to effectively...

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Copy These 5 Communication Skills From Top Leaders

Do you struggle with communicating effectively? Communication is a key part of success at work or in other parts of your life. Top leaders have practiced and mastered the skills that enable them to communicate so well. Luckily, you too can learn these same skills!

 Follow these strategies to practice essential communication skills: 

  1. Learn to listen. Top leaders know that listening is a crucial part of communication. Learn to love listening and engage in the stories of others. 
  • Try to really pay attention during a conversation instead of being distracted by your phone or other device. Have one conversation at a time to give each person your full attention.  
  • Practice retelling the person’s story in your...
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