Great Leaders Change with the Times, and Times Certainly Have Changed!

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Transformational Leadership is the #1 Most Vital Skill
in Healthcare Today!

You may be thinking this is just the latest buzzword, but it's not. Transformational leaders encompass everything that matters. You take action! You actively work on and rely on your ability to flex your mental muscle and not just rely on status quo industry skills and experiences. Most of all you are relentless in the pursuit of deeply meaningful and lasting success! 


Though many make the path to becoming a Transformational Leader seem complicated, it is actually rather straightforward: 

  • Commit to Continuous Personal Growth

  • Proactively Gather Meaningful Network Connections 

  • Taking Purposeful and Transformational Action within your organization and with the people inside it.


If it's so simple then, why has it proven so difficult to maintain?  


CEOs and C-Suite Executives are the main members who set the pace for the rest of the organization. Leadership starts with YOU, and it requires the most precious investment of all...time.


The biggest systemic failure is that those sitting in the 'Corner Office' do not have enough time to prioritize the nurturing of their Leadership Skills!  


How can you accommodate the requirements to nurture this essential aspect in yourself without overtaxing your already overwhelming schedule?


You can't 'find more time' but you can find a program that fits YOUR unique needs

Introducing The Healthcare C-Suite Leader Micro-Mastermind 

Join Harbour Resources CEO Mike Harbour along with other Healthcare C-Suite Executives from across the U.S. who also said yes to personal growth and masterminding like yourself. 

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How is this different than every other Personal Growth Course Or Mastermind Out There? 


1) We ONLY work with CEOs and C-Suite Executives in the Healthcare Field.

Hyperfocus on YOUR industry and YOUR needs allows us to deliver much more value in less time than traditional mass-marketed courses. 

2) We know the Results come with ACTION! 

We are not going to weigh you down by demanding that you follow "our patented strategies and systems"  meant to take up time more than they are meant to create real actionable changes. We extract the most vital nuggets of wisdom from already acclaimed books written by true experts, package them into an easily digestible review, and give you guidance and support to assimilate them into your own thought process and go out and give you targeted guidance on how to use them to create change in your life and organization. 

3) We come to you!

Not literally, but you certainly don't have to come to us! All materials are delivered digitally, are easily accessible via computer, phone, or any other device connected to the internet, and our once-a-month meetings are held on Zoom. Wherever you are is where we will serve you! 

Learn the Best Lessons from Top Experts in Less Time

Including Jim Collins, Simon Sinek, Patrick Lencioni, Steven Covey, Peter Senge and so many more.
I break down written masterpieces into the most essential and consumable lessons so that you can walk away knowing what you need to know in 15 min a day or less! 

Personalized Action Plans

Knowledge is not power until you put it to use!
We do not simply funnel knowledge to you using the quickest, most highly retained methods...
We give you step-by-step highly actionable plans that drastically reduce the time between learning and results. 

Expand Your Network 

Meet with and learn from Healthcare C-Suite Executives from across the country.

Time is short, and traditional conferences are long, inconvenient, and expensive!
Harbour Resources attracts and gathers the greatest minds from across the country in these virtual sessions. The value of creating and nurturing these connections over a common goal cannot be overstated. 

2 Easy ways to Become the Leader Your Organization Needs TODAY!

Accelerate Your Professional Impact and Influence in only 15 Minutes/Week


Commit to fundamentally changing how you approach Leadership so that you can experience being the catalyst of widespread impact! The Membership Packages both include: 

  • Private password-protected Members Library that Tracks your progress 
  • Full Transformation Leadership Training catered exclusively for the Healthcare C-Suite Executive ($50 Value)
  • A New Highly Impactful Book Review Each Month that can be consumed in as little as 15 minutes per day ($50 Value)  
  • Once A Month Virtual Session lasting 75 minutes that work around your busy schedule (7:45am-9am Central)  the second Tuesday each month) ($300 Value)
  • Full Support from The Harbor Resources Team as well as your new Healthcare C-Suite Mastermind Network ($100 value)
  • BONUS: As a Micro Mastermind member you receive a free year of (the #1 book summary service for busy business leaders) when you join ($299 Value)



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As a monthly member, you receive everything listed above each and every month.  

Value $800/month

Yours today for just 199/month

These payments occur automatically on the anniversary of when you enrolled. 

You are free to cancel anytime.




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A Full Year of the Micro Mastermind!
(That's 12x the $800 Monthly Value!) 

Everything listed above each and every month PLUS a personal, private one-on-one top-tier leadership session every quarter.

Annual SUPER BONUS: 4 Quarterly Coaching sessions (Normally $2000 when purchased separately) 


Total Value for the Year = $11,600

Yours today nearly 80% off! 


Individual Session


Not ready for a regular commitment but want to see movement NOW, Book A Private Session.

What You Receive With Each Call:

  • Immediate problem solving
  • Accelerated Results
  • Safe Place to Brainstorm New Ideas
  • Regain Focus on the Future
  • Create Customized Growth Plans
  • Healthy Challenge

**Remember, you receive 4 of these when you become an Annual Micro Mastermind Member! 


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein.


C-Suite Executives aren’t necessarily the voracious readers they intend to be. In fact, the median number of books read per year is four. 


Imagine how much more diverse your mental toolset would be if you could triple that in less time than the average person takes to read one book!


It is time to make new ideas a priority in your leadership, the ever-evolving challenges we face demand it, and we are going to do it together.


We will cover one thought-provoking book each month with our Micro-Mastermind Members.

No need to read each book cover to cover, and even if you have read a few of them already you will find incredible new insights from reviewing it with us with my proven framework. PLUS know exactly what action to take from your learnings to create the most impact!


Time Requirement = 15 min PER DAY and a single morning session each month (average length 75 minutes and yes, these are recorded)!


Your retention of the key and most actionable ideas presented in the book will be exponentially higher than if you'd spent the time reading it cover to cover on your own!

Times are tough. They always have been, and always will be (despite what we wish). Bill George has some great advice on how to get ahead and build success anyway.

Simply put, when employees know that their strengths and potential will be praised and recognized, they are significantly more likely to produce value.

Steven Covey believes that trust is "the one thing that changes everythingā€¯ in both business and life. Our summary reveals the steps you can take to foster this powerful force in all of your relationships.

Up to 80 percent of all work is now done in teams. Yet, the vast majority of teams underperform. This book shows you how to solve that problem so you can unlock the very best from your people.

The hardest thing to manage in a business? Your emotions. Susan David is our guide on how to do it well, so we can create a better business and a better life.

How does a team manager attract and retain the most talented employees? According to Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, you must First, Break All the Rules.

In her book, The Leadership Gap, Lolly Daskal introduces us to a system of seven archetypes that will help you view yourself objectively, so you can identify the gaps you face as you work towards greatness.

It's simple: your business will never grow without a team working together. How far and fast that growth will occur is based entirely on the quality of your team. So don't settle for mediocre employees.

What is a learning organization and why does it matter? Learn the 5 disciplines required to get there with Peter Senge's classic.

Chip & Dan Heath believe we need a process to help us make decisions and be more decisive. Join us to find out exactly what that process is and how it can help us make a better life and work choices.

Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials each have different ways of viewing their role in the world. Assembling an effective team built with this mosaic of individuals can be challenging and rewarding.

Company culture can be one of the most misunderstood and under-appreciated elements of success. This book, reveals what's really important, and how to foster a culture that helps your team thrive.

2022 Is Coming

Will You Be Set Up For Success?









Yes, I want to set myself up for success!

The difference between professionals and non-professionals is access and knowledge of using the right tools for the job.


C-Suite Executives in Healthcare need growth, and Our Micro-MasterMind is the right tool to get the job done! 

We meet once a month off-hours so as to not disrupt your regular workday too much. 

We stick to a proven plan that's
as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

1) Review a summary of a best-selling leadership or teamwork book
(15 min/per day ACTION PLAN whenever is most convenient for you!)

2) Share best practices with one another inside our network of focused healthcare professionals who are committed to paving the way into the new era of Leadership.

3) Take Action! You leave each monthly session
(75 Minutes one Tuesday morning of each month) with an actionable plan that you can implement immediately!


Through the practice and regularity of these 3 simple steps you can help solve the most pressing business and healthcare issues facing us now and in the future. 


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Mike has the uncanny ability to distill the information down to immediately actionable, powerful nuggets. These nuggets provide an unvarnished perspective of reality not presented elsewhere. In short, wisdom and thought leadership elevate your performance and impact. Listen in and Lead Up!


Karen Brown CEO Velocity Leadership Consulting

Mike lead a two-day strategic planning session at our hospital and we were very pleased with his effort. He did an excellent job engaging board members, physicians and the management team while delivering plenty of energy and enthusiasm to what otherwise can be a very painstaking process. I would definitely bring him back and I recommend him to any organization.


S Barrilleaux Hositpal CEO

Mike is an incredible leader and coach. We worked together for several years and I learned so much from his insight, experience and his ability to challenge my way of thinking! He absolutely cultivated a growth mindset that was instrumentation in preparing me, not just for promotions, but he challenged me to grow as a person and people leader through his team-first approach founded in humility, focus and clarity. No doubt, I will carry these learnings for years to come as they are clearly applicable in any role, profession, or field. For teams, organizations and leaders I highly recommend Mike Harbour if you are looking for transparent and growth-oriented coaching! It is worth the investment and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Mike.

K Lyall Medical Device Marketing Leader

I do not spend a great deal of time writing recommendations on LinkedIn, but felt compelled to write one about Mike Harbour. Mike recently delivered a keynote address at a leadership conference our company was hosting for our key personnel from corporate and around the country. It was obvious to me that Mike took the role seriously and had invested himself in doing the proper research to make the material he planned to present particularly meaningful to our group. His address was interesting, insightful, and thought provoking. The group found it as one of the highlights of the day. It is a pleasure to recommend Mike Harbour to you. 

Jim Burnett, Chief Development Officer

Mike has expertise in leadership and coaching that delivers results. He is passionate about making a difference in Healthcare through Leadership Development and Service Excellence. Authentic leader!


Pamela Tripp CEO, Commwell Health

I first encountered Mike through participating in his leadership webinars. I was very impressed with his knowledge, depth, and commitment to providing learners with the tools they needed to succeed in their professional development.  I have worked with Mike to produce several educational programs that focus on leadership development. My corporate clients continue to be impressed with the quality of content Mike produces. He demonstrates an outstanding work ethic and I am confident that any project I work with Mike to create will exceed my client’s expectations.


Shirley Aycock, DPN, RN Director of Learning Operations, Healthcare Colibri Group


Growth-minded healthcare CEOs who want to:

Learn from some of the great thought leaders on the planet.

Learn from other CEOs who are facing similar leadership challenges you face.

Need to expand the circle of influencers in your life and mindset. 

What & When

15 min/week plus one 75 min session per month

Succinct and pointed book reviews coupled with Transformational Leadership training tailored to your unique needs. 

Where & How

Anywhere you are on any device with an internet connection


Because Change starts with you, and you cannot hope to support all the growing needs of your personal and professional life if you do not grow as a leader. 

You need new ideas to lead and you need them now! The world of change is moving faster than ever.

You don't have time to read the books you need or want to read.

You don't have time to attend a conference to learn and network with others.

You are tired of meetings that aren't adding value to you and your thinking for leadership. 

You need to expand your inner circle of influencers but social media is not the place for you. 

Your team needs you to grow, and you know you can't give what you don't have. 


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