Executive Leadership and Personal Growth Coaching

Don’t Just Set Intentions…

Accomplish Them!

"the road to hell is paved with good intentions"

Investing in coaching is a key separator that successful leaders understand and leverage.  Our coaching options to serve to inspire and ignite your growth and performance, and help you discover and fulfill your potential.

Great leaders are intentional about their growth.  They regularly evaluate and expand their thinking to fully leverage their resources.

Coaching in leadership is like all other coaching; the goal is to help you win.

A good coach will not try and change you, but tailor the conversation, teaching and advising to the person being coached. A good coach helps you see your specific circumstances objectively and provides you with the tools you need to deal with the complexities of your situation.

Coaching Gets Results

The right coach helps you accelerate learning, improve critical thinking skills, improve your interaction within a team and increase self-awareness .

Mike Harbour has developed a personal approach to coaching that starts by helping you develop your self-awareness. Using the results of our Leadership and Communication Style Assessments, Mike helps you discover blind spots in your leadership and develop your natural strengths.

With our coaching we will help you raise the bar on your Leadership IQ, EQ, CQ and AQ

With regular coaching sessions you will be equipped to get better results faster and with less effort and frustration than you would on your own.

Our coaching provides:

  • The right tools to maximize your effectiveness.
  • The right exercises to maximize your endurance.
  • The right application to maximize your stamina.
  • The right training to maximize your growth.

With coaching, you achieve more, with less effort and win more than you ever have in the past.

Ready To Talk To Us About Our Coaching

We offer multiple coaching paths:


Climbing the Ladder of Leadership Coaching System is designed to help you grow in your leadership without making content dominate the conversation. With emphasis on applying principles by taking action you learn how to develop influence with people. The approach is designed to provide a starting point for experienced leaders and coaches to engage in crucible conversations that drive results in leadership. 

Our approach allows for situational coaching, and  is flexible and customizable based on each individual's needs. A one to three year program that allows the coach and the client to craft a plan that addresses the client’s needs, it requires some reading and offers concrete tools to emphasize action and application.

The Climbing The Ladder of Leadership Coaching System is a world-class leadership development resource that helps clients at any age or stage in their career become better leaders.


The 4 Corner Posts System is based on the principles of Get REAL, Get CLEAR, Get SMART and Get GOING.  Many leaders we have coached and developed need to start with awareness of what is holding the leader potential hostage. The creating a clear vision of their future hopes, dreams and desires for leadership. Whether leading across or leading down within an organization. Leadership begins with self-awareness and personal growth. This coaching system equips you to lead from wherever you are.

Designed to help you gain personal clarity as you answer thought-provoking questions about your values, purpose and goals, you develop practical habits as you learn to apply new insights. Your coach holds you accountable as you reinforce positive change through action.




Just as the world’s best athletes benefit from continual coaching, so do business leaders.

Harbour Resources strategic thinking partner and executive coaching advisory provides one-on-one, customized leadership development opportunities for manager, senior managers, directors and executives. The personal, supportive environment provided by a coach will foster new ways of thinking, acting and influencing to achieve significant business results.

With our Career Advisory Services Our #1 Goal is to help you land the right job and make the process easier!

Let’s face it, there are endless sites and job boards on the Internet that offer you resources
you can use in your job search.

These sites are great if you want to spend hours reviewing
hundreds of jobs that don’t come close to the opportunity you are seeking.

We believe that your job search efforts should provide you with results. We also know that
once you find the perfect job you are going to be up against many others who are interested
in the same job.

There is real Competition and we want to give you a competitive edge, so you can land the job.

As an Executive Search Expert and Recruiting Professional we’ve learned it’s not always the most qualified person who gets the job. It’s the person who knows the following:

1. What to include in a resume and how to present gaps of employment or other problem areas
2. How to effectively schedule interviews
3. How to Audition vs. Interview
4. Proper Follow-up Techniques to Stand Out from the Crowd

Your resume is the first impression you make on a prospective employer. Often a lack of keywords or proper presentation of your accomplishments prevent you from booking an interview.

We have placed hundreds of people and interviewed thousands in jobs they love. With this expertise and experience we are ready to assist you with your resume, interview and proper negotiating skills so you too can land your dream job.

Included in the Career Advisory Package:

DISC  Assessment to aide in self-awareness, communication and leadership strengths and obstacles. (DISC  identifies how one will behave/react/communicate and Why you react the way you react)
With DISC you can not only apply what you’ve learned about your needs  but you can also align your work in ways that reflect what matters most to you.

A 360 Survey an enhanced 360° view of how you come across to others? In other words, imagine having the ability to process the collective perceptions of how others see you. Oftentimes, the way we perceive ourselves and the way others perceive us can be two very different things. Even experienced business leaders will persist in communication and organizational practices with the belief that everyone recognizes
their "obvious" intentions, while overlooking costly misinterpretations that stem from
different behavioral styles.

In our best effort to help you, we offer the following services:

• 2 One-Hour Resume Development Coaching Calls
• 1 (90) Ninety - Minute DISC Debrief Coaching Session
• 6 - One Hour Consultations (one-on-one Networking and Career Coaching)
• 1 – One Hour Recorded Zoom Interview to use for Coaching
• Resume (we will assist/coach you in your writing of your resume)
• Cover Letters (we will coach you on how to customize these to the "targets" you select)
• Don’t Interview Audition Book…. you will receive 1 Digital Copy for your own use.
• Interview Prep (We will role play with you, teach you how to ace out your competition, and help you answer tough questions like salary demands)
• Negotiation and Networking Tips, we will teach you how to network and get to and in front of decision makers and teach you how to negotiate the package
when offered a job.
• Access to our on-line platform and other resources to help you find employment.


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