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The Lead Up Podcast

Hosted by: Mike Harbour

You are looking for quick answers and shortcuts. You want better results as a leader. All leaders desire better performance out of themselves and their teams, but you don't have time to waste. The Lead Up Podcast is...

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Episode 251 4 Ways to Encourage your Employees

Encouraging those around us especially those we lead is so important.  One of the biggest struggles across the board today for employers is finding and keeping employees. If you drive to the grocery store or to work,...
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Episode 250 7Cs for Leadership with Rachael Gillette

Resilience -the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. We all have it in us, but is it enough to get us to where we want or need to go? We are joined by special guest Rachael Gillette, President of...
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Episode 249 No Sweat Public Speaking with Fred Miller

Speaking in front of others is one of the top fears almost all humans have, and I know because I used to take F’s in speech class. Our guest today shares this. “It really is real, it's most people's greatest fear. And...
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Episode 248 5 Ways to Create Better Communication with Others

In this episode, Mike shares 5 effective reminders to communicating with others.  It is critical is seek first to understand, then to be understood. However you were raised, however, you were conditioned, as a young...
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Episode 247 Your Career Toolkit with Mark Herschberg

In this episode, Mike is joined by special guest Mark Herschburg. Mark is the author of The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success that No One Taught You. He based the book on 20 years of teaching and working in...
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Episode 246 Defining What Success Means To You

In this episode, Mike talks about Defining What Success Means to You. You must first define what it means to you before you can model what it is for someone else. You also have to define success in key areas of your...
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Episode 245 NeuroLeadership with Heather Crider

We are joined by special guest Heather Crider on this week's episode of the LeadUp Podcast. Heather helps high-performing leaders, executives, and organizations reduce their stress and overwhelm, avoid burnout, and...
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Episode 244 True Growth with Byrd Baggett

We welcome special guest, Byrd Baggett to the LeadUp Podcast this week.  Byrd Baggett is a best-selling author and popular motivational speaker. He has been helping organizations develop authentic leaders and...
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Episode 243 Turn Your Lemons into Lemonade with Tom Morris

In this special guest episode, we are joined by Tom Morris. Tom is one of the world's top public philosophers and pioneering business thinkers. He's the author of over 30 groundbreaking books, including Plato's...
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Episode 242 5 Ways to Develop Positive Thinking

In this episode, Mike shares 5 Ways to Develop Positive Thinking.  Our Attitudes really are everything. When we're not feeling great about our lives or how the day is going, everything can seem to go wrong. The...
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Episode 241 Hazed and Confused with Barrett Blackmon

We welcome special guest, Barrett Blackmon to this episode of the LeadUp Podcast. Barrett is the author of Metastatic America: Discovering America While Discovering Myself. It is a social commentary on the state of...
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Episode 240 3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Every Day

Episode #240

Mike shares 3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Every Day. What am I doing to improve the experience that my employees are having under my leadership?  Statistically, 70% of employees are not satisfied with their...
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