Episode 204 4 Steps to Win the 4th Quarter

Episode #204

In this episode, Mike is sharing with you four steps that he uses every single year, actually every month, every day, every year to win the fourth quarter.

This year is not over - the goals that you established at the end of last year, the beginning of 2020, there's still a chance to make progress on those. And I know, the pandemic put a damper on maybe some of your goals, maybe your ability to move forward. 

You can go and get the thing you want to get right now in your life. You can lead more effectively. Use these last three months to set yourself up for success. In 2021, you can pour into your teams. If you're leading a team, you can pour into your teams right now.   Today is going to help you, hopefully get unstuck, help your teams get unstuck, and get ready to move forward.   Create the life, the leadership, the team, the company, the organization that you want to create.   Daily Compass Tool Mike Harbour