Episode 241 Hazed and Confused with Barrett Blackmon

We welcome special guest, Barrett Blackmon to this episode of the LeadUp Podcast.

Barrett is the author of Metastatic America: Discovering America While Discovering Myself. It is a social commentary on the state of race, religion, and culture in the United States as seen through the life experiences of a Black healthcare executive. The thesis of the book, Metastatic America is really about our choice, the decisions that we make on a daily basis to decide if we're going to spread hope and unity, or if we're going to spread, toxicity and division.

Barrett is a Regional Vice-President of Oncology Services in Houston, TX. He made the decision to do something in this field when his father passed away from cancer when Barrett was just 16 years old. 

Mike and Barrett share the importance of communication in leadership.

"I like to make sure that I engage in conversations with people, especially with people that I don't have great knowledge about, very cautiously, and try to find out as much as I can about them just through listening. I try giving them the platform to just talk and allow them to tell me what it is that they want me to know about them."- Barrett

Barrett shared 3 things he learned from a mentor that he has carried into his leadership. 

1. Be intentional about really getting to know those you lead. Understand what their fears and aspirations are.

2. Be intentional about mentoring. 

3. Be intentional about helping those you lead to be successful.

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