Episode 244 True Growth with Byrd Baggett

We welcome special guest, Byrd Baggett to the LeadUp Podcast this week. 

Byrd Baggett is a best-selling author and popular motivational speaker. He has been helping organizations develop authentic leaders and passionately engaged teams since 1990. Byrd is the author of True Growth: Simple Insights on How to Live and Lead with Authenticity

Byrd has written several books, his passion and expertise are focused on leadership development, and especially helping people become more authentic in their purpose. Helping leaders embrace the transformational power of authenticity, to improve themselves in the lives they touch.

Byrd shares the best definitions of humility, ie authenticity. Authenticity is a noble choice to forego your status, deploy your resources, or use your influence for the good of others before yourself.

We too often take our freedoms for granted. Some of the most authentic leaders of people are our soldiers, blue-collar workers, firemen, or policemen. People that don't look for credit but go out and get the job done.

Listen to this great episode to hear more of this great interview. 

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