Episode 245 NeuroLeadership with Heather Crider

We are joined by special guest Heather Crider on this week's episode of the LeadUp Podcast.

Heather helps high-performing leaders, executives, and organizations reduce their stress and overwhelm, avoid burnout, and really become who they're meant to be. She does this through brain-based neuroscience, evidence-based neuroscience. She says really retraining our brains.

Heather tells us our habits, the things that we do, are what set us up for success or continue down that thread of stress. And the biggest thing is the response versus the reaction. We can't cognitively make decisions when our brain is hijacked constantly by stress.

Our brain is designed for success. And believe it or not, staying in this high-stress environment is success to the brain when that's all it knows.

Heather offers our LeadUp listeners a code to get her self-reflection workbook for free. This self-reflection workbook is a great place to start to really start understanding what questions to ask yourself. She also has a free stress and burnout recovery masterclass on August 27th from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. CST. This is a free class where we talk about some of these things and a little bit more in detail, give a little bit more tips and tricks, and just different perspectives. Click here to register. Follow this link and use the code GIFT for the Self-Reflection Workbook.

You can learn more about Heather on her website- Heatherjcrider.com.

You can follow her on FB, and LinkedIn.



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