Episode 247 Your Career Toolkit with Mark Herschberg

In this episode, Mike is joined by special guest Mark Herschburg.

Mark is the author of The Career Toolkit: Essential Skills for Success that No One Taught You. He based the book on 20 years of teaching and working in the field, all the skills they left out of our primary and secondary, and college education.

Mike and Mark talk about the essential skills that leaders need in order to communicate and influence their teams. 

Mark shares the best way for us to really learn these skills of leadership and the way top business schools teach them, is to create peer learning groups. So in your organization's, whether this is for yourself, or for your team, you can create groups of people, I recommend groups of about six to eight, but you can do it with larger groups.

You can pick your favorite business communication, a type of book, use articles, you can listen to great podcasts like this one, have your learning group, listen to this podcast every week, and say, we're gonna discuss the topics in this podcast because that's where the learning happens. You take content, and then you have that discussion.

Mark also has The Career Toolkit App you can download on Apple or Android for free.

Listen to this episode to find more great ways to improve your leadership.

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