Episode 248 5 Ways to Create Better Communication with Others

In this episode, Mike shares 5 effective reminders to communicating with others. 

It is critical is seek first to understand, then to be understood. However you were raised, however, you were conditioned, as a young person growing up is going to determine how you understand or lack thereof seeking to understand other people's perspectives.

Practice the platinum rule - treat others how they want to be treated. You must first apply the first rule to understand others before you can know how to treat the other person.

Leave your emotions at the door. Do not bring emotions from other relationships or conversations to another. Keeping them in check can keep you from triggering the other person unnecessarily.  

Use questions as a path of understanding. Asking questions in an assuming way will not get you where you want to go in the conversation. You must practice how and what you ask in order to get what you want and to not create a barrier in the communication. 

Be friendly. Sounds so simple but for a lot of people, it is so hard. We cant be friendly when we walk around judging people. We must put down the red pen to mark the mistakes of others and pick up a highlighter and start looking for the best in them. 

I am challenging you to practice these simple behaviors and be intentional at work and home. When you do this I promise you will see a difference in your communication with others. 

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