Episode 250 7Cs for Leadership with Rachael Gillette

Resilience -the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. We all have it in us, but is it enough to get us to where we want or need to go?

We are joined by special guest Rachael Gillette, President of Studer Community Institute. Rachael like most of us has worked hard to learn how to grow during this pandemic. She is sharing 7 key skills that we all can use.

Rachael says the first is competence - "If I feel like I have some level of skill in knowing how to handle a stressful situation, I'm going to feel better about it. I know that I've got this competence, the strengths, and then I can have confidence in those because I can lean on them in this difficult or stressful situation."

Rachael emphasizes the importance of connecting with others. "When we're in a situation like the pandemic and we all went home, we talk about social isolation and social distancing, we lose that sense of connectedness. And as human beings, we need to be connected to other people."

Listen to this episode to hear all the 7 C's Rachael shares. 

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