Episode 251 4 Ways to Encourage your Employees

Encouraging those around us especially those we lead is so important. 

One of the biggest struggles across the board today for employers is finding and keeping employees. If you drive to the grocery store or to work, I am sure you will see several businesses with signs that say HIRING. There is a lack of people wanting to work or work harder.

Mike is sharing 4 ways that you can begin to encourage others. 

  • Start with you! - You have to be what you want others you lead to be. You can not encourage others if you don't yourself have courage. If you are struggling to be encouraged yourself, you may need to get some coaching or a mentor so that you can begin to be what you want from your team.

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  • Go to them! If you haven't checked in with your team, you need to. Being a leader it is your responsibility to make sure they are getting what they need. Most times employees are not going to come to you for encouragement, but they will come to you to resign.

You will want to listen to this entire episode to find out all 4 ways. We offer a lot of different opportunities for you to grow and help your team to grow.

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