Episode 253 Are You a Values Based Leader with Joe Tye

Joe Tye joins us on this episode of The LeadUp Podcast. Joe is CEO and Head Coach of Values Coach. He is the author or co-author of 15 books, his latest book is Building a Culture of Ownership in Healthcare.

Joe explains that the #1 challenge for any leader, not just in healthcare but in any organization is going to be building a team and inspiring loyalty in that team so you don't have this turnover every year.

Employee engagement is one of the topics organizations have been talking about for the last 15 years. People can be engaged with their job and those they work with but not with the organization. This can result in organizations losing great members of their teams. 

Employee ownership is important, so they feel a part of the organization not just holding a position. You have to teach them like owners if you want them to feel and act like owners. 

The culture in an organization is made up of the attitudes and behaviors of those in the organization. People will not change unless you provide the tools and techniques to inspire those changes.

One way companies can help improve these is by defining their values. You can create a value and mission statement for your organization. When you define what you stand for and what the behaviors look like it is easier for your employees to recognize and implement those. 


You can learn more about Joe and purchase his books by visiting www.valuescoach.com.

You can follow Joe on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter


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