Episode 255 The Heart of Leadership with Tom Dahlborg

We are joined by our special guest Tom Dahlborg. Tom is the author of From Heart to Head & Back Again...A Journey Through the Healthcare SystemTom has over 35 years of hospital leadership and is passionate about compassionate care and servant leadership.

In our world right now we all need to take the time to see the perspectives of others and not judge. Compassion for others seems to be missing in so many areas right now in our society but one place it needs to be strongest is in healthcare. 

Tom shares why it's so important to engage the heart and why It's so important to engage the mind. It can't be either or it has to be both and we need to embody compassion, care, and love.

It's not a weakness, to love, and it's not a weakness to be compassionate, it's not a weakness to be vulnerable and to open our hearts up. Because how many of us have been told, you know, man up or something like that when we're younger? 

Tom is a brilliant communicator around the heart of leadership and you will learn this and so much more from this episode.  

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