Episode 256 Leading with Awareness with Brian Cunningham

On this special guest episode, we are joined by Brian Cunningham. Brian considers himself a student of leadership and life. He has worked his way through every level from parking lot attendant to CEO of a hospital. 

Brian shares that we are all in a leadership role on some level and our leadership role is a genuine path for our awakening as human beings. 

Brian says "I grew up confused about life and got into the workspace, I was even more confused. What I thought I would see from leaders, I wasn't seeing that. So it's been a long journey as a student, looking for people that expressed sort of a more expanded version of service."

"I was a parking lot attendant there. And I loved that job, and I'm really good at parking to this day, Mike. You know, I knew as a parking lot attended, something was different about healthcare"

"Leadership is not about title or position it is about who you become and the value you can add to others."

"Having a limited amount of awareness causes us to have blinders on and to restrict our possibilities." 

"When you look at what they are directing their staffs to do, especially in healthcare, you got to standardize your key processes. Quint says you've got to stand at the most important processes to standardize are your key leadership processes. But leaders, many leaders don't want that. They just want to kind of wing it. And so we don't have enough people who are committed to dance and that doesn't mean cookie-cutter. That just means that awareness of a developmental progression."

Listen to this entire episode to find out more about how to increase your AQ.

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Brians's book Our AQ(Awareness Quotient): The Missing Link to Extraordinary Leadership and Life is available here.

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