Episode 257 Defeating the Great Resignation

In this episode of The LeadUp Podcast Mike talks about Defeating the Great Resignation.

The number of people who are poised to leave their current employer is over 60%. That is an outrageous number. During the pandemic, the "workplace" changed. Many people started working from home and were able to get more done with fewer distractions and some just enjoyed being able to walk to the next room instead of commuting. 

Do you know what the cost of losing 60% of your team looks like? Do you know what it looks like to even lose 1 member of your team? It costs on average 3-10 times the person's salary to replace a team member.

We all have the desire to change but do we use our will to do it. Willpower is what we have to use in order to change and adapt our leadership style to defeat this great resignation.

Ask yourself- if someone leaves your company will they find one better? If someone comes and joins your team will it be better than what they left?

Listen to find out how you can defeat this great resignation.

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