Episode 258 The Art of Communication with Julien Mirivel

In this episode, we are joined by special guest, Julien Mirivel.

Julien is a Professor of Communication at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Originally from France, Julien came to America as an exchange student. This experience created a love for his new country and what he would do with the rest of his life. 

The need to learn a new language to communicate with others helped him develop new relationships.

Julien says we have to take into consideration that when we communicate there are emotions involved. If we have had a conflict with someone it makes communication harder than with someone without conflict. 

The art of communication takes place by learning techniques that you can apply to everyday life. The art of communication is flexibility and the science are the things that work that we find in research. 

He points out that you have to become aware of your tendencies to overcome them and replace them with new strategies. 

Listen to this entire episode to learn from this great conversation between Mike and Julien. 


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