Episode 259 Why Leadership Growth is so Important Right Now

People are seeking leadership more than ever. It has never been more important that leaders continue to grow in their leadership.

I am sharing 3 things to help you grow as a leader.

  1. Why leadership growth is so important.
  2. Force- what we may be forcing and what we can no longer force.
  3. What is needed and what is needed right now to make a change in your leadership.

We as leaders need to start with why. Because the what has quit working. What got us in the leadership role no longer works. We have to start leading from our why.

The dissatisfaction rate is at an all-time high in the workplace.

Until you understand why growth is important, you will keep doing the same thing that you have been doing and getting the same results.

People do not want to be led by trial and error leaders- that is why you have to continue to grow.

Listen to this entire episode to learn the in-depth reasons why your leadership growth is so important.




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