Episode 261 You Don't Have Time Not to Grow

In Episode 261 You Don't Have Time Not to Grow I am sharing the importance of being intentional with your growth.

With so many things coming at us right now with news, social media, and the simple craziness going on around us we have to be careful with what we consume.

We are responsible for our growth and what we feed our minds. As leaders, we must make time to add value to ourselves so that we can add value to those we lead.

Listening to The LeadUp Podcast or other leadership podcasts is a great way to grow on your commute or while working out. We offer book summaries for you each week so that you can watch and get the biggest takeaways- maybe do this on your lunch break.  

There really are so many options to grow now in your leadership that there are no good excuses as to why you aren't doing it.