Episode 262 Are You Emotionally Intelligent with Brittney Savarda

In episode 262 we have a great guest interview for you, with Brittney Savarda.

This is a deep and much-needed conversation with everything going on in today's climate. 

Brittney is an expert on the topic of Emotional Intelligence. She shares her own journey to emotional intelligence and what it takes to get real about our own challenges with emotional awareness. 

She shares how the problems we have with others are often a result of our own challenges within our mindset.

If you tune in, you will learn how to recognize the root causes of your emotions and how to deal with them the right way.

Also, why the ego is the main driver in our emotions. 

Listen, take some notes and learn more from Brittney Savarda.

You can visit Brittney's new EI Magazine website Emotional Intelligence Magazine
Brittney on Linked In
Brittney's Book The EQ Deficiency
Brittney on YouTube