Episode 264 5 Keys for Goal Achieving Versus Goal Setting

In this episode of the LeadUp Podcast, Mike brings you through the 5 keys to being a goal achiever rather than being a goal setter in 2022. Research suggests the 80%of people who set a New Year’s resolution have given up on them within 4-6 weeks, but Mike believes he’s cracked the process of how to stick to these goals throughout the year.

The steps are:

  • Look forward first, don’t look back on the year
  • Figure out who you need to become the achieve the forward-looking goals, then you can look back and the year gone by
  • Evaluate what you need to stop doing and figure out the routines you need to set up to replace bad habits
  • Be patient with yourself and your results, but urgent with action
  • Involve your team in the process

Mike goes into great detail, giving examples from his own life on each of the points above. He also suggests you head to dailycqp.com to pick up your compass planner to help you set your goals for the year, as well as heading to harbourresoucres.com where you can check out the store and pick up the 40 Days to Elevate Your Success program and the Success Rituals course to further help you with your goals for this year.

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