Episode 278 3 Ways to Improve Talent Selection

On this episode of the Lead Up Podcast, Mike shares 3 ways to improve your talent selection. Mike has conducted tens of thousands of interviews, and over his years of recruiting leaders for hospitals and owning his own recruiting company, he has come up with and developed these three ways you can improve your talent selection.

  1. Create a WHO sCORE card which you can mark an interviewee based on who they are at their core. As we know, the who is more important than the what. We can use this as a blueprint for you to create interview questions based on the WHO sCORE card.
  2. Follow an outlined agenda. Too often interviewers get distracted by something they like about the interviewee and rush to hire them from there. Using an agenda, you get a full picture of a prospect. You can read the blog post 3 Ways To Improve Your Talent Selection and get a copy of our Master of Hiring Action Pack here.
  3. Prepare your team to be part of the interview. This means sharing the first two ways with them. You can also prepare a question for them to ask and look out for certain reactions. This can help development, which is the number one thing that attracts talent to a business.

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