Episode 281 Evaluated Experience with Daniel Neufelder

On this episode of The LeadUp Podcast, Mike is joined by Dan Neufelder. Mike and Dan discuss all things leadership – what it means, how it is developed over the years, and why effective leadership is vital for the success and wellbeing of an organization and its teams. Dan shares how he has been in the healthcare field for 42 years and only recently retired from his day-to-day leadership.

Dan takes us through the most valuable lessons he learned from his years in leadership. He shares how he began his career in 1979 and leadership was quite hierarchal back then. Dan says there was little attention paid to concepts such as change management and employee and associate engagement. Speaking from experience he mentions how leadership is about the engagement of people and how crucial it is for leaders to understand what their teams aspire to do. Mike and Dan also talk about the shortage of healthcare professionals. Dan shares that the healthcare industry is 250,000 nurses short in the country.

Dan tells us how he became a good leader by learning from the mistakes he made early on in his career. He credits the coaches and mentors he has had over the years. Mike and Dan talk about the difference between coaches and mentors and why leaders absolutely need both throughout their careers.

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