Episode 283 What Makes Teams Great with Don Yaeger

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by Don Yeager. Don is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, longtime Associate Editor of Sports Illustrated, and author of over 30 books.

Mike and Don talk about the importance of great leadership and how you can stand out as a leader.

Don shares how leadership matters and how great leaders are able to convince themselves and those they lead that every day is an opportunity for you to excel or for someone else to take that medal from you. He talks about his experience studying different organizations and how he came up with the sixteen things that high-performing organizations do differently. Don says that the best teams know who they serve and they know why it matters. They discuss how knowing your why is important, and that great teams thrive when they feel their why.

Don explains to us how great leaders make their teams feel like they’re really part of something bigger than themselves and shares some amazing insights that he has gained from working with teams over the years. Don points out how all the great leaders he’s worked with practice fourth-quarter thinking and operate in a ‘what if’ mindset so that they are prepared for critical situations. Amongst other amazing and knowledgeable insights, he shares how great teams allow culture to shape recruiting, and taking accountability for yourself and your team members will allow everyone to efficiently progress forward.

You can learn more about Don at www.donyaeger.com

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