Episode 285 Being An Authentic Communicator with Jeff Atwood

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by guest Jeff Atwood. Jeff grew up in a small town in Iowa and currently owns a small family farm just outside of Nashville. Jeff provides an insight into his past careers and how he worked in executive roles for multiple hospital companies and what those roles taught him about leadership. 

They discuss why the story of ‘you’ is so important today for leaders when it comes to leading and communicating with others. Jeff shares about how a lot of companies focus on metrics now but people crave authentic relationships and authentic leadership. He tells us that when we set the metrics aside and focus on the person and the relationship the metrics take care of themselves. Mike shares how research has shown that 94% of people say that they would stay with their current employer if they felt valued, developed, and treated like a human. 

They also talk about how the working environment is changing and Jeff shares how he feels it’s not about checking boxes to become successful anymore and suggests that the ideology of College is changing. He talks about why messaging is more important today than it’s ever been and how repeating the message can be super effective within the workplace as oftentimes the company mission can get put on the shelf. 

Jeff shares his best advice to leaders on how to effectively present the company message to their organizations and states that ensuring everyone is aware of and understands the purpose is key.

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You can find out more and contact Jeff through his website: https://www.jeffatwood.com/about.

You can get a copy of one of Jeff's books here.