Episode 286- 8 Steps to Create Your High-Performance Team

In this episode of The LeadUp Podcast, Mike shares 8 ways how to create your high-performance team.

We have some major challenges in our workforce and recruiting efforts today. At some point, we must quit kicking the can down the road and implement the ideas we have been discussing for years. 

In these 8 steps, ask yourself where you are right now and where do you want to be at the end of 2022. Nothing will change until you have done this exercise. 

Here are the 8 steps to evaluate and then act on before we hit July. 

1. Culture—purpose, values, behaviors

    Recognize the importance of a leadership culture

2. Talent—Who, recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and coaching 

     Build the team with the best talent

3. Accountability—coaching and measurable targets

    Enjoy the return of accountability 

4. Vision—can’t go if we cant see 

    Unleash the potential with a big vision 

5. Team building—Daily Rally 

     Require the power of teamwork

6. Development—monthly coaching, push meetings

7. Communication—who are you, who are they, and can you influence them. 

8. Productivity—daily compass tool to keep you on track to achieve daily goals.

Grab Mike's book Quit Losing Talent and call us to help you install a QLT Culture.