Episode 287 Finding the 5 Star Employee with Danielle Mulvey

On this episode of The LeadUp, Podcast Mike is joined by Danielle Mulvey. Danielle is a former flight attendant turned entrepreneur. Danielle is sharing her success secrets to winning the talent game.

Danielle has developed a 5-Star System to make your team your dream team. By creating this system as an entrepreneur you are allowing yourself to work in your sweet spot. She has been sharing this system for over 10 years with a 90% success rate.

Mike shares how he teaches leaders to be their team's CEO - Chief EntrepreneurialOfficer. They both share about having morning huddles to start the day. Danielle has these with her teams and Mike suggests also having a Start on Purpose huddle with yourself.

They talk about the different stages of hiring- job listings, interviewing the right person, training, and the importance of the first 90 days. You don't want to miss this great conversation to help you to hire and keep your talent on your team.

You can learn more about Danielle at 5staremployees.com 

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