Episode 290 8 Communication Musts for Every Leader

Mike shares 8 Communication Musts on this episode.

There is an art and a science to great communication in leadership. The number 1 issue in any team or organization is communication. 

When leading your team you have to let go of any ego you may have. You can't just give orders or you will get major push-back. Your team is wanting information, not orders.

You will have to let go of any self-image - get a mentor or a coach to help you with speaking to and in front of others. 

                            Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication ~Coach K

Things you must communicate

  1. The Facts - the best you know them
  2. The Plan 
  3. The Cost and Challenges
  4. The expectations
  5. Belief in people and the plan 
  6. The desired outcome  
  7. Authentically - even if it is uncomfortable or uneasy 
  8. The truth

These 8 Communication Musts will help you be a more effective leader.  

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