Episode 297 Standing Firm During Crisis Leadership with Tim Kinsella

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by guest Capt. Tim Kinsella. Mike and Tim discuss the mindset effective leaders need to maintain as well as practical tools and strategies professional leaders can use to help improve the work of their teams through their leadership.

Tim provides an insight into his working background and shares how he learned a lot of his leadership skills during his time in the Navy. Tim shares that while working as a Defence Planner with NATO he was educated on the importance of understanding and expressing different cultures within an organization. Tim also talks about his childhood, and how he gained an understanding of what makes people tick growing up in his father's pub. 

Tim shares a powerful lesson he learned when dealing with a terrorist attack in December 2019 as a leader. Tim talks about the importance of becoming the person your people need in moments like that so that you can effectively lead them and not get caught up in your own emotions and headspace as negativity is catchy for people. He says that if you don’t have courage as a leader then you’re in the wrong profession as you are susceptible to all the external fears that are pressing in on you.

Tim states that the following are the most important things experienced leaders need to be thinking about and doing today to be effective leaders:

  • Be Self-Aware
  • Learn Your Triggers and Stress Points
  • Understand Your Barriers to Empathy
  • Lead Through The Prism of Love
  • Take Care of Your Mental Health

Finishing off the episode, Tim provides us with some information about his Leadership Program commencing August 2023 so make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for that amazing experience!