Episode 299 Elevating the Employee Experience

 On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by special guest SandyFenili to discuss how leaders can motivate and engage their employees. They talk about the difference between the old, ineffective ways leaders used to motivate and engage their workforce to the new, improved, and adapted methods leaders are using.

Sandy Fenili created Modern Motivation, a women-owned business designed to help leaders create a more meaningful and personal approach toward overall employee experience in 2020 when she realized the old methods weren’t working as effectively anymore and the workplace needed to see progressive change. 

Sandy shares her thoughts from her 30 years of experience on how engagement drives motivation and Mike explains how inspiration comes from the inside out and engagement is an external drive within people.

Mike and Sandy provide new and improved, free, practical tools leaders can begin implementing in their workforce today that will help create human connections to drive motivation and engagement. Mike states that in today’s workplace we need to evaluate people based on what they get done not how many hours they put in. 

Mike and Sandy conclude that these practical tools won’t cost you a dime, however, it may cost you to not apply these new motivation and engagement techniques in your workforce.

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