Episode 303 High Flying Leadership with Thunderbird Pilot Nicole Malachowski

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by guest Nicole Malachowski. Nicole shares her incredible story of being amazed and inspired by the United States Air Force at the age of 5 years old. She joined the Air Force and served for over 20 years until her life took an unexpected turn due to an illness which lead her to become a leadership development coach and trainer!

Nicole shares about growing up in a family where both her grandfathers and her father served in the military which resulted in her understanding that serving in the military was an honorable thing to do.

Mike and Nicole discuss how being in the Air Force helped her grow into the leader she has become today and how the military is full of growth opportunities.

They share stories about people who had major impacts on their lives. Nicole tells us that you should always believe in the people who believe in you as you may not always see your own strengths as others do.

Nicole provides us with an insight into her Loosen your Grip Leadership approach. She advises all leaders to be efficient with how they use their time, talent, and treasure by figuring out what they do have control over and finding resources to help manage the things they don’t have full control over.  

Nicole also shares her incredible recovery story and what she learned about herself, and the world during the process. She explains how she was diagnosed with a Neurological Tick born illness and suffered extreme loss overnight and became completely dependent on other people while being bedridden for 9 months.

Nicole shares some encouraging words and expresses how we all have the power to reinvent ourselves!