Episode 304 Toxic Praise: 3 Ways to Destroy Confidence and Sabotage High-Performers

On this episode, Mike shares 3 ways leaders can destroy confidence and sabotage high-performers in the workplace. 

If you are trying to retain, but are vague with your words you could be doing more damage. You need to be specific when sharing praise for a job well done. Show you appreciate and value them as a team member.

Being specific with how or what they did will let them know they were noticed and will in turn make them feel valued. 

Comparison praise is the second type of toxic praise. We as a society are constantly hit with comparisons between social media and tv. So, as leaders when we compare our team members to one another we can create resentment and decrease the trust in the team.

Results-based praise is the third form of toxic praise. If we put so much emphasis on the results we get away from the individual and create burned out and leave the individual feeling unappreciated.

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