Episode 305 Setting the Standard with Chris York

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by special guest, Chris York. Chris shares his journey throughout his career and how he has been in healthcare leadership for 30 years now, despite starting in industrial engineering.

You will learn how Chris led his team through the greatest challenge to our healthcare system over the last two years. He shares what he learned about leadership, his people, and the challenges we need to fix.

These are some vital lessons he learned as a leader during the pandemic:

  • How to deal with mass fear
  • Communicate; keep your people in the know with transparent and frequent communication
  • Provide people with a pathway forward 

Also, we get into some discussion about the healthcare workforce shortages and how Covid accelerated the pace. Now we are in the early stages of a more critical challenge and have some ideas on how we can face the people and talent needs. 

Chris wrote a book titled Set The Standard and shares a call to push against unbelief and the unknown of what we have never done before. And how Chris is using this rally cry today when most of our staff feel overworked and burned out.

We will learn how to develop our mindset which determines our ability to outpace our problems and push through with grit and persistence. You will also learn why trust in leadership is at an all-time low, and how can we use love to raise the bar and bring trust back to our teams.

Mike and Chris discuss the importance of mentorship. Chris shares how one of the best mentors he’s ever had, completely changed his life with one small task that helped him achieve his career goals. This was to set himself a career path from 25-65 and work back in increments of 2-3 years. Chris also tells us about how being a mentor for others is a huge part of his life now and how he has mentored three different individuals who have gone on to become hospital CEO’s. Mike and Chris talk about how when we as leaders take care of our people, the profits take care of themselves.

They also talk about mental health and well-being issues we face as leaders and share their best advice on how you can address these issues with your team and how you can be there and be supportive of your people.

Make sure to check out Chris’ amazing and knowledgeable complete book: Set the Standard