Episode 307 Creating Self Awareness with Carolyn Swora

On this episode of The LeadUp Podcast, Mike is joined by guest, the human igniter, Carolyn Swora! Carolyn joins the podcast from Burlington, Ontario. She shares spent 17 years in the corporate world before branching out into her own business working on culture, leadership and helping leaders realize that self-awareness is the key way to lead in the workplace and in life!

Mike and Carolyn speak about the following topics leaders should be aware of:

  • How to deal with burnout
  • Enneagram types; what they mean, how we can leverage them
  • Igniting the spark within your workforce as we are all holding something back
  • Tapping into your heart center
  • The importance of regulating your nervous system

Carolyn gives her best advice to leaders listening to this episode. She encourages you to listen to your body, trust your own intuition and get curious about how you respond to situations. Mike and Carolyn speak about how self-awareness is like an onion, there are so many layers we need to peel back, and how self-awareness is the differentiator between successful and unsuccessful leaders.

Mike encourages you to check out Carolyn's book, Rules of Engagement to learn more about these critical topics, which you can find here: Rules of Engagement. Carolyn also gives some exciting information about her new book, Ignited Leadership. The book includes vital information about how you can gain an understanding of the three centers of intelligence and trauma-informed leadership. This is definitely a conversation leaders need to be having to progress in the future of leadership, post-pandemic. Ignited Leadership will be released in Spring 2023.

For more information head over to: www.carolynswora.com.

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