Episode 308 Why Mindset Matters Now More Than Ever

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is on his own today for episode 308 to share with you why mindset matters and how you can begin to strengthen your mind for success in all areas of leadership and life. Mike is also going to share with us 3 books he highly recommends, three practices you need to implement to create habits around, and three ways you can protect your mindset as you strengthen over time.

Mike remembers a rhetorical question asked by a speaker, “Do you want to know what the next year or next five years is going to look like for you?”. As he listened the question became more interesting as he was in a growth period and looking for life’s easy button. His answer which stuck with Mike was “Your life one year from now, your life five years from now is going to be exactly like it is right now, unless you change the way you think”. 

Mike goes on to share his three ideas to shift your mindset.

  1. Read good books.
  2. Surround yourself with people who think differently than you think and bigger than you think.
  3. Invest in a coach.

The three books Mike recommends are The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry, a biblically routed mindset book, As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, a small book written in 1902 but the principles are still the same, and finally Mindset by Carol Dweck, which teaches the difference between growth and fixed mindset. 

After touching on the personal journey he’s been on, Mike gives us three tips to sustain our mindset.

  1. Get proper rest, without your phone.
  2. Eat really well
  3. Be really good with your exercise habits

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As a Man Thinketh

The 4:8 Principle