Episode 314 Letting Go of Excuses with Sean Croxton

On this episode of The LeadUp Podcast, Mike is joined by special guest, host of The Quote of the Day Show, Sean Croxton! Mike and Sean discuss a multitude of topics including expanding your self-image, how to let go of excuses, improving your commitment, and dealing with anxiety.

Sean shares about his career as a Health Coach and how it made him realize that a lot of people use a Be, Do, Have formula to achieve success when really people need to focus on the way they think and feel in order to chase their true goals. Mike and Sean discuss how we can’t lead well if we don’t think and feel well and how that relates to long-term commitment and action.

Sean specializes in money mindset and provides us with an insight into some of the most important practices you need to be implementing into your daily routines. Sean speaks about some of his favorite podcasts and book and makes a special note to Life Unlocked by Dr. Srinivasan Pillay as chapter 3 takes you through how most people want success but they don’t even realize that they fear success. People fear the unknown and success is full of the unknown. They talk about how impactful mindfulness is and how your brain is a belief confirmation machine and will shape your reality based on what you believe to be true.

Sean Croxton is a Certified Transformational Neurocoach who uses brain science to help online entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators break through their mental blocks so they can take action, be seen, and stand out in a crowded niche.

Sean’s career online spans over a decade as one of the first YouTubers and podcasters in the holistic health space. As the founder of Underground Wellness, he hosted over 300 health-based interviews on his UW Radio podcast and created 7 popular online health events, including The Digestion Sessions and The Depression Sessions.  

In 2015, Sean stepped away from the health industry to pursue his dreams in the personal development space. He is the host of The Quote of The Day Show podcast, the creator of The Entrepreneur’s Mind Method course, and the author of The Course Cure: 5 Invisible Reasons Why High-Ticket Internet Marketing Courses aren’t Helping Your Business. 

If you would like to reach out or find more information about Sean and his podcast make sure to check out his website: Www.SeanCroxton.com.