Episode 315 - 4 Corner Post to Kickstart Your Year

On this episode of The LeadUp Podcast, Mike shares his 4 Corner Posts that you can utilize to make 2023 your greatest year.

Mike asks a few questions to get you thinking - Are you thinking or reacting? Are you making life happen or letting life happen to you? We have to ask ourselves these questions to know where our mindset is.

  1. You have to get clear - Clarity is critical in creating action and trust.
  2. Get Real - have a reality check - so you can prepare to achieve your goals.
  3. You have to get Smart - have a system, or process for achieving goals
  4. Get a Wind-Up Clock - You must move forward every day to achieve the goals you set. 

Take a listen to this episode and be sure to take some notes so that you can set and reach your goals for 2023.

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