Episode 316 The Power of Curiosity: Awareness into Action with Sam Shapiro

A special guest joins Mike this week on The LeadUp Podcast. Sam Shapiro is a coach for mission-driven leaders, empowering them to lead themselves and others to greater fulfillment, enhanced well-being, and elevated impact.

Samantha has experience working in several healthcare facilities. She's learned that no matter how difficult the problems we are attempting to solve, our efforts to do so will only last for as long as our people are able to endure. She is passionate about helping people as well as their organizations with their health, growth, and development.

Sam and Mike discuss the importance of self-care in leadership. They discuss the need to do the hard work of self-care by asking yourself tough questions. Before asking someone else what they can do, ask yourself how you can do the work you need to do. Ask yourself how you can adjust your approach. Sam notes that self-care is fundamentally about connecting leaders with themselves.

Why are curiosity and self-reflection so important in leadership? Mike believes it opens up communication, while Sam says it makes awareness action-oriented. Sam talks about loosening the grip of the achiever, allowing the power of our unconscious mind to support our decision-making, and connecting to what we want our lives to be about and the legacy we want to leave.

Our conversation with Sam covers a number of topics including knowing when we're overusing our strengths and a helpful technique he calls the Three Gifts, which helps us train our brain to find the learning and opportunity in any situation.

Discover these and more by listening to the full episode.

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You can learn more about Sam on her website.