Episode 317 - 32 Days

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike talks about transforming yourself from a goal-setter to a goal-achiever!

Mike shares some of the principles he will be making into habits this year to help him achieve more in life and make the most out of every day. Mike gives us an insight into the commitments and goals he has set for himself for 2023, such as hiking the Grand Canyon, and how training for this is forming habits for him.

Mike shares a 32-day study, which found that 68% of people who set new year’s resolutions, don’t continue on with the goals they set for themselves after 32 days.

Be sure to grab a pen and paper or take notes on your phone so you can get the 4 principles and start making them habits this year!

4 key principles are needed to succeed as a goal achiever:

  1.  Make commitments not resolutions
  2.  Define your ‘why’ with regard to the commitments you’re making
  3.  Enlist the right people
  4.  Track yourself; e.g. Weekly roadmap

If you need a little help in getting and staying motivated check out our 40-Day Success Challenge- those few extra days can help you form the habits.

Mike also encourages leaders like you to listen to this episode today to check out Endorse, a fantastic app that helps company leaders improve employee engagement!